Best Web Hosting Services – Top 5 In-Depth Reviews

best web hosting services

We tested different web hosting services and found Bluehost to be the best overall.

Web hosting for any business is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With internet connectivity, almost all businesses have an online presence. Success is greatly determined by the number of audiences you can reach.

Majority of people shop for different products and services online. It means that your business should have a website for readers and customers to find what you sell easily and fast. Looking for the right web host is key to building a solid online presence.

Web hosting services come in endless shapes and sizes. We have shared hosting, VPS, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, server cores, and many others. Regardless of a lot of information being available online, you may still be wondering where to begin.

Selecting the best web hosting service can be overwhelming. You want one that experiences no downtime and can provide you with customer support 24/7. Your end goal is to have a robust online presence. Choosing the right web hosting service will make things a lot easier.

A good web hosting company will deliver a high percentage of uptime. Your primary focus needs to be on uptime guarantees. If the company does not meet the agreement, you will get compensated for lost business. The faster the speed, the more you will gain leads.

Security is also of great importance when looking for a hosting web service. Standard security measures such as automated malware, firewall management, and cloud fare integration help protect your business. Support should also be available 24/7 in the form of tutorials and live support.

Keep reading to get an in-depth review of the best web hosting services.

Best Web Hosting Services For 2021

1. Bluehost - the best overall hosting provider


Although the web hosting space is very competitive, Bluehost enjoys an impressive first place with tons of value added features. Speed, full packages, security and reliability with just $3.95 per month.

2. HostGator - best for beginners


HostGator is the best shared hosting service, especially for beginners. You can a free domain name, SSL certificate and even some ad credits from only $2.75 per month.

3. Hostinger - excellent cloud hosting service


Hostinger is definitively the best cloud hosting service provider out there. It offers some competitive packages with unlimited bandwidth, 300 hosting sites and plenty other features for just $9.99 per month.

bluehost web hosting review

1. Bluehost web hosting - Best Performing Overall

Blue host is the world's largest provider of cheap web hosting. They offer website builder tools, shared hosting, and WordPress hosting. Their primary focus is on small businesses where they provide training and meet their digital marketing needs.

Their hosting packages include SSL certificates, free backups, unmetered bandwidth, and global CDN. The platform has been proven to be optimized for speed and security. WordPress endorses them.

Their shared hosting plan costs a few dollars a month. You will pay extra money for unlimited domains and subdomains. Blue host is not just for beginners. This company offers advanced hosting such as managed WordPress hosting, dedicated server, and VPS.

Managed WordPress hosting refers to the handling of technical details and updating of troublesome WordPress plugins. It also refers to optimizing performance and handling security. Blue host is a one-stop-shop for small businesses where you can get affordable results at a bargain cost.

Some of the services you will get include easy DIY site Builder, social media marketing, business visibility, domains, and helpful tutorials. They provide excellent uptime and an intuitive control panel that helps you create pages that are attractive and functional for the success of your business.

The control panel makes it easy to manage your website's hosting and accounts. They provide a unified login which is the combination of username and password that you can use to access every Blue host account. They provide easy upgrades and scalability that help you make changes quickly to the hosting of your website.

hostgator review

2. HostGator - The Best Shared Hosting on the Market

HostGator is a shared web hosting recommended for novice websters. It is simple to use and provides valuable plans for both small businesses and consumers. It features dedicated server packages, a virtual private server (VPS), a reseller, and a boasting quality cloud.

The company's shared packages stand out from the crowd because they're so robust. Shared web hosting has a category that provides server resources to access multiple sites on a single server. It is the best option for cheap hosting for those who want more server resources dedicated to their site.

HostGator provides monthly shared web hosting plans. However, they push for individuals to sign up for longer times, beginning at six months. They also provide window-based shared hosting packages that provide small and medium businesses with more room for growth.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is for those who require more server horsepower. Even though you will be required to pay more, you are getting more server power eventually. Dedicated web hosting is the most powerful. You can see your site on a single server by itself.

HostGator also offers cloud hosting. There are multiple servers where resources you need to get shared. Your site will not be limited to physical server constraints. It is possible to use real-time to scale resources.

HostGator provides us with a chance to install a WordPress content management system. They provide a three-tier managed WordPress web hosting, which includes a starter, standard, and business.

hostinger web hosting

3. Hostinger - Top Cloud Web Hosting Provider

Hostinger is the most affordable shared hosting provider. The company provides tons of free and unlimited features. It is recommended for individuals who have an existing business or plan to open one.

Hostinger provides a shared hosting plan that you can depend on to get your company started online. Your site will share a single server with other websites.

A virtual private server is considered to be the minimum web hosting tier. It is best if you want to create a solid online presence for your business. You get additional resources for your website because there are fewer websites available on the server.

They also provide a dedicated hosting plan where your website will be placed on a server by itself. It is the best option if you want a high traffic volume. Hostinger also offers WordPress, a popular content management system that you can customize as you see fit.

siteground hosting plans

4. SiteGround - Best Hosting Service For Small Businesses

SiteGround is a hosting web service for small businesses and individuals. Even though it lacks window servers and VPS, it provides plenty of performance-enhancing tools, a good number of hosting types, and the best customer service.

Shared web hosting is the best tier for those interested in low-cost web hosting. You can use a single server to bunk several websites together. Each plan comes with a slightly high monthly price. To lower the cost, choose annual sign-ups and take advantage of introductory deals.

They provide you with a chance to choose the data center you would wish to host your website. Consider a European data center if you are concerned about retention loss and data privacy.

SiteGround boast cloud hosting and is designed to scale traffic surges automatically. It means your site will not go down because of a lack of power. They also provide WordPress hosting. They guarantee your website will get automated daily backups, enhanced security, page caching, content management system updates, and staging.

inmotion hosting review

5. InMotionHosting - Top Choice For Professional Sites

InMotion Hosting is a web host for professional or personal websites. They provide WordPress plans, a virtual private server (VPN), and a wide range of free e-commerce tools.

With shared hosting, you get to see share a single server with many other sites. It means that you will split the cost among yourselves and also depending on the available resources. It is recommended for those who don't expect a lot of website traffic.

VPS hosting provides a system that is powerful and reliable. Your site will be on a single server that has fewer sites which means less competition for resources. It is more expensive but reliable and flexible.

There is also dedicated web hosting where your website is on a single server by itself. You don't share the available resources with other people. It is best if you expect to get a lot of traffic to your website.

InMotion provides solid packages for WordPress hosting. It is a content management system where your digital footprint resides on a server exclusively for WordPress websites.

What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting Service

Some many terms and features will bombard you when shopping for the best web hosting service. Web hosting technology has evolved over the years. Below are essential tips that will help you choose the best.

Hosting Problems


Bandwidth is the amount of traffic and quality of data that gets transferred between your site, the internet, and users. Different hosting companies have different levels of bandwidth.

For those with small businesses with around 5,000 visitors every month, bandwidth is not such a big issue. However, if you experience a lot of traffic, you need to look for a company that can deliver the best connections, networks, and systems.

Website Builder

The best hosting providers usually offer tools to help create a good website. They provide the templates to help both coding gurus and total beginners create professional websites without hiring a web designer. Some have limitations to what you can do. Choose one that provides flexibility to be able to add more details to your website when needed.


A web hosting company that provides scalability is the best to handle many visitors to your website. You want a hosting provider who can grow with you as your business grows. It should be easy to upgrade when necessary. It would be best if you moved from an entry-level hosting plan to a different upper level without experiencing any downtime.


A good hosting provider will provide you with backups. Make sure to ask because not all companies provide this service. Backups are usually taken automatically off your website daily. They are kept for about a week for you to be able to restore your website if needed.

Problems that occur when Using Web Hosting Service

The web hosting provider you select will significantly have an impact on the success of your website. Despite making the best effort, some operational issues may limit you from getting the best from your website.

Server limitations

Some hosting companies don't disclose their limit when it comes to bandwidth and space. They serve a lot of customers with limited resources, which can negatively impact on performance.

As your website business keeps growing and attracting many customers, limited resources will not handle the increasing traffic. The solution is to choose a hosting service that offers scalability and flexibility.

Web Server Slow Performance

It is one of the biggest problems that any business can encounter. Most customers abandon their search if the pages load slowly. It can be detrimental to any business. Avoid hosting providers who don't have dedicated servers that can handle huge traffics.

Technical breakdowns

Frequent technical breakdowns may hinder you from running your website business well. Failure to respond quickly may result in significant losses to your business. A hosting provider who does not have the right IT components and technology will not offer the best website management experience.


BlueHost is the best web hosting service. It is part of a massive corporation with a colossal market share. They provide low pricing options where you can spend less on web hosting.

It is an excellent option for those who want to build a site while on a budget. The shared hosting plans come with free marketing credits and a free SSL certificate. It is a legitimate web host with the lowest prices.

BlueHost comes with features that help prevent malware attacks and tools for automatic daily backups. They also offer some protection for email addresses linked to your website. Again, this is a huge plus given that the plans go for much less.

Round up of Today's Best Deals


Bluehost Basic $3.95


HostGator Hatchling $2.75


Hostinger Single $1.39


Siteground Startup $6.99


Inmotion Launch $5.99